TNTC soil sampling at Gilmore City 6/2/2015

Biomass sampling was taken on 4-14-2015 at the USB site just before burn down.

Cover crop at USB site 4-14-2015

Cover crop status on 3-18-2015 at Gilmore Citysite; evidence of moisture status, too

ISCO installation at STRIPS site April 7, 2015

The Ag Water Management research group at Iowa State University is a multi-tiered effort to study and analyze the impact of agricultural management practices on surface and subsurface drainage, from both a water quality and quantity perspective. The goal of this research is to study the fate and transport of water and contaminants on the agricultural landscape and to develop and promote practices that both minimize water quality impacts of agricultural production and maintain economic viability. To accomplish our goals, the group uses field and lab research facilities, a university extension presence, and publications and presentations.

Why is our research important to you?

Agricultural water management incorporates both surface and subsurface drainage. It involves variety of soil and water conservation strategies.  Projects associated with water management through this research group focus on environmental and agronomic impacts. Questions being investigated include: Is it possible to mitigate the impact cropping systems have on nitrate-nitrogen loss? If so, how? And, will mitigation techniques impact yield?



News & Events

Dean Lemke and Mark Dittrich honored with "Broken Tile" award.

"It's very effective for reducing surface water runoff, reducing sediment loss in the field, and phosphorus loss in the field."