2015 Drainage Engineers Meeting

Session 1:  Morning

   Welcome and CREP Update--Mike Bourland and Shawn Richmond, IDALS  


   CREP Design Updates--Mike Bourland, IDALS 

               Bourland CREP DESIGN UPDATES.pdf

   Update on Status of DSM Water Works Lawsuit--Doug Struyk, Carney & Appleby, PLC

   CREP Designs and Performance--Bill Crumpton, ISU

   SRF Sponsored Projects and Opportunities for Conservation--Wayne Peterson, IDALS 


Session 2: Afternoon

   New ADS Installation Guidelines--Rex Ollenburg, ADS 


   Nitrates and Row Cropping--Matt Helmers, ISU 

          2-Helmers nitrates and row cropping.pdf

   Designing Tile for STorage and Water Reuse-Nathan Utt, Ecosystems Service Exchange 


   Hydrologic Impacts of Drainage Systems--Ricardo Mantilla, University of Iowa